almost all horses have markings(and almost all markings are white)as horses use these for identification, these are carefully noted by the breed   societies. many breed societies lay down strict regulations on the amount of white a horse may carry to be eligible registration.                                                                                                                                                                    facial marking:                                                                                                star:  a small white mark in the middle of the forehead, sort of shaped like a star, many people think it looks like diamondstarmarkinghorse1 stripe: a narrow white line extending down the front of the face.stripephotohorsemarking2blaze: a wide line extending down the middle( starting at the forehead and going to the upper lip) blaze03 white face: similar to a blaze but covering almost the whole face.                                                                                                                                                           whitefacehorsemarkings04 snip: this is like a dot(but can come in any shape) in between the nostrils. white nostril: similar to the snip but usually larger. it is also in  between the nostril.whitenose06 white muzzle: completely white muzzle!                                                  whitemuzzlehorse07

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